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Bear Country Catering LLC

Custom catering just for you!


Chef Services

Business Consultation

Plated Style

Full service plated catering includes table service where guests are served a pre ordered meal by professional wait staff

This option is higher priced but offers a much more elegant touch to your event over other options

Personal Chef - Private

Have an anniversary coming up? A special birthday or you just want to have a professionally prepared intimate dinner?

We offer in home private Chef Services with fine dining customized menus just for you. You will definitely WOW your guest(s)

New Business

Starting a new food service business? Or do you want to start one and don't know what to do?

We offer consultation services where we will come in, evaluate and guide you through the process and get you on a successful track from the get go.

Family Style

Family style consists of main and side courses are placed on the table and everyone shares a meal in a family table setting.

This option is mid-range priced and is a great option for a more intimate meal and still have a casual atmosphere

Personal Chef - Commercial

Have an exclusive new member meeting? Or an executive luncheon? Not something you want a buffet for, but something you can really impress people with?

We offer fine dining lunch and dinner menus catered specifically for you for your big (but small) event

​Existing Business - BOH

Having trouble with costs? Payroll? Staff issues? Wastage? Or any other kitchen management issue? Etc.

We will come in, evaluate and help you to figure out areas of strength, weakness, where you can improve on and where you can minimize loss and gain profit.

Buffet Style

Buffet style catering is a standard buffet style self-serve line where food is placed on tables in a line form and guests self-serve their own food of their choosing.

This option is the most popular and affordable and still offers a touch of elegance and fun to the event

Chocolate Fountain Rental

Price varies dependent on service needed. But we offer a beautiful chocolate fountain display with skewers and all kinds of sides to run through the flowing milk chocolate!

Chef Services

All private and commercial personal Chef Services are priced individually and offer an extremely rare culinary experience.

All private Chef Services are offered onsite at your location and a maximum of 40 guests.

Existing Business - FOH

Bar cost way to high? Losing liquor sales? Having staff issues? Need service coaching? etc.

We will evaluate and help you figure out where you can improve on and where you can minimize loss and gain profit. We will look at inventory control and help you get to where you want to be.