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Bear Country Catering LLC

Custom catering just for you!

Menu Options

These are example menu options. Our menu is not limited to only these options, the assortment is endless!
​Menu is subject to change at any time.

Bear Country Catering Main Menu

Main Course/Proteins

Whiskey glazed smoked chicken
Garlic roasted chicken
Chicken wings – BBQ, honey, spicy, teriyaki or whiskey glazed
Curry chicken
Honey lemon chicken
Gouda and apple stuffed chicken breasts
Cranberry, traditional stuffing and caramelized onion stuffed Cornish game hen
Smoked chicken tamales in roasted red pepper sauce
Lemon saffron roasted chicken
Garlic roasted chicken in mushroom cream sauce
Chicken asparagus in risotto – or herbed rice pilaf
Bacon wrapped chicken in a basil cream sauce

**Note** Some seafood and fish may not be available to travel and can only be done if an onsite
 kitchen is available, please inquire
Smoked salmon
Lemon and herb salmon
Clams in a white wine garlic sauce
Seafood or crawfish etouffee (Stew)
Steamed salmon with veggie ragout
Citrus marinated grilled salmon
Baked halibut with papaya or mango salsa side
Curry glazed prawns
Chile lemongrass prawns
2 cabbage tuna salad
LA sunshine tuna salad
Coconut & lime marinated swai or tilapia
Clams in cider
Parmesan baked catfish
Oyster stew
Sub sandwiches, we make – assorted meats and cheeses - includes wheat and white bread, mayo, mustard, pickles, onions, tomatoes
Build your own smoked pulled pork sandwiches – includes sweet Hawaiian and white bread rolls
Build your own shredded garlic chicken salad sandwiches – includes sweet Hawaiian and white bread rolls
Build your own deli Tray- assorted meats and cheeses - includes wheat and white hoagie bread rolls, mayo, mustard, pickles, onions, tomatoes
Sausage dogs – Includes breads, mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish, onions and sauerkraut
Turkey & cream cheese pinwheels, spinach and garlic and herb wraps
Veggie & cream cheese pinwheels, spinach and garlic and herb wraps
Smoked salmon & cream cheese pinwheels, herb wraps

Capicola, swiss & Dijon pinwheels
Cream cheese cucumber sandwiches

Pastas – Some can be entrée or side
Italian pasta assortment – please inquire
Beef or cheese stuffed manicotti
Lasagna – meat and veggie (Veggie not house made)
3 cheese baked pasta
Creamy mac & cheese
Asparagus and goat cheese pasta – only if kitchen onsite
Lemon and basil seafood linguine – Only if kitchen onsite
Steak pappardelle with roasted garlic and truffle oil – Only is kitchen onsite
Tomato, basil & mozzarella pasta - cold

Meat/cheese, rice and herb stuffed bell peppers
Meatballs – Korean, Italian or Swedish
Prime rib – only if kitchen onsite

Cabbage rolls
Steak waldorf salad
Pastrami & bell pepper antipasti
Thin beef steak slices in gravy sauce
Philly steak – for build your own sandwich option

Boneless country style pork ribs
Herb roasted pork with apple brandy stuffing side
Garlic and rosemary pork chops with a dried cherry or cranberry stuffing side
Pork tenderloin with apple chutney
Stuffed roasted pork with creamy mustard sauce
Braised pork short ribs

Vegetarian Entrees
Roasted eggplant with tomatoes and peppers
Roasted whole onions stuffed with herbed cheese

Roasted whole tomatoes stuffed with herbed cheese
Roasted tomato & eggplant tian
Chipotle lime cauliflower tacos

Assorted cheese platter, with breads or crackers
Assorted cheese & olive platter, with breads or crackers
Smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill spread served with assorted breads and crackers
Smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill toasts
Baked brie with fig jam, assorted seasonal fruit served with breads or crackers
Roasted red pepper & garlic hummus platter with marinated seasonal veggies served with pita
Assorted meat and cheese platter – includes crackers
Bruschetta platter
Seasonal veggie platter with homemade country ranch
Antipasto platter – assorted meats, cheeses, olives, peppers, pickled veggies, breads
Classic deviled eggs
Austin’s BLT Deviled eggs
Bacon & avo deviled eggs

Sausage and cheese stuffed mushrooms
Garlic & goat cheese stuffed mushroom
Stuffed peppadews
Bacon wrapped scallops
Chilled shrimp with smoked onion aioli
Spinach dip served with assorted breads/crackers
French onion dip served with assorted breads/crackers
Crab dip served with assorted breads/crackers
Poblano chile dip served with assorted breads/crackers
Roasted tomato and gorgonzola polenta
Artichoke & cheese stuffed pastry bites
Basil steamed mussels
Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers
Shrimp salsa served with tortillas
Tabbouleh served with pita
Prosciutto & basil wrapped mozzarella

Salads – Can be used as entrees or sides
BBQ chicken salad
Pesto tortellini salad – Hot or cold
Seasonal veggie garden salad
Caesar salad
Spinach salad served with seasonal fruits and nuts and a white wine vinaigrette
Steak waldorf salad
Warm bacon and egg salad
Walnut, pear and bacon salad
Spinach and pancetta salad
Spinach, feta and tomato salad served with and herb balsamic vinaigrette
Spinach, white cheddar and tomato salad served with an herb balsamic
Artichoke & spicy sausage salad
Traditional Greek salad
Mandarin orange, goat cheese or feta cheese and assorted NW nut salad w/a white wine truffle vinaigrette
Roasted beet, arugula & ricotta salad
Watermelon – cucumber feta salad
Spring mix, roasted beet, mandarin, walnut with balsamic

Bacon & blue potato salad
Individual potato chips assortment
Mediterranean pasta salad
Baked beans
Summer ranch and bacon macaroni salad
Marinated cucumber, tomato onion salad
Mashed potatoes
Creamy mac & cheese
Bacon wrapped asparagus
Seasonal roasted veggies
Butter and garlic Sautéed green beans
Bacon, garlic and white wine brussels
Assorted rice pilaf
Sweet potatoes casserole
Mashed sweet potatoes
Marinated bean salad
Seasonal greens with spicy lime vinaigrette or a garlic cabernet dressing
Potatoes au gratin – Cheese, garlic & herb or caramelized onion
Spicy corn muffins
Salami pasta salad
Garlic cheddar biscuits

Herb seafood salad
Curry rice
Garlic butter sautéed kale & chickpeas
Lemon, kale & chick pea salad – cold (delicious!!!!)
Broccoli & cheese sauce
Baked country herb potatoes & chorizo
Roasted & herbed fingerling potatoes
Cucumber, jalapeno, cilantro & goat cheese salad
Sauteed yellow tomatoes, arugula, pesto & feta
Herb roasted carrot, fennel & fingerling
Seasonal herb roasted veggies
Rosemary potato salad
Asparagus in lemon, hollandaise or béarnaise sauce
Braised leeks and carrots
Smoked gouda and bacon potato casserole
Austin’s Brussel, salami & cheese salad

Soups or Stews
Creamy tomato & smoked paprika
Tomato basil bisque
Tomato soup with blue cheese
Tomato soup with crab
Roasted garlic & tomato
Roasted red pepper
Crab or lobster bisque
Curry winter squash
Gazpachos – Cucumber, chipotle, watermelon, curry mango, potato leek
Black bean
Corn and chile bisque
Peanut thai
Thai coconut
Butternut squash
Sweet potato and caramelized onion
Poblano & cheese
Chowders – Corn, clam, seafood, smoked salmon
Potato & ham
White bean and prosciutto
Chicken & chile
Mediterranean vegetable
Cauliflower & roasted garlic
Vegetarian chili
Chili con carne
Broccoli cheddar
Sausage & kale
Cream of – Asparagus, mushroom, artichoke or spinach
Split pea & ham or bacon
Vegetable or sausage tortellini
Chipotle, corn & shrimp
Cheesy cauliflower
Cheesy alehouse
Monkfish & corn chowder
Southwest fish chowder
Chesapeake bay harvest
Creamy scallop & garlic
Grandmas goulash
Steak, cheddar & potato
Carrot & coconut bisque
Lamb stew

Skewers – Can be appetizers or entree
Beef with red wine & herb
Italian nibbles
Shrimp & paprika
Chicken souvlaki
Teriyaki salmon
Teriyaki chicken
Spicy beef & bell pepper
Sundried tomato chicken
Beef & chimichurri
BBQ chicken & bacon
Melon feta cubes
Chicken parmesan & marinara
Salmon & cream cheese pinwheel
Chicken, bacon & apple
Beef & blue cheese
Apple brandy glazed skewers
BBQ Kabobs – Chicken, steak or pork
Meatball, bell pepper, sundried tomato & onion skewers

Passed appetizer ideas
Wedge salad skewers
Curry tuna salad on cucumber slice
Mini caprese skewers with balsamic reduction drizzle
Mini shrimp cocktail
Spinach & artichoke puffed pastry bites
Salmon and herbed cream cheese crostini
Herbed goat cheese stuffed peppadews
Sausage and cheese stuffed mushrooms
Mini burger sliders
Mini prosciutto and basil wrapped mozzarella
Assorted cheese & olive skewers – can add meat
Korean meatball skewers
Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos
Mini nacho dip bowls – refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo & nacho cheese layered in a cup
Seasonal veggie, herbed cream cheese pastry square
BBQ chicken skewers
Seared ahi tuna with a smoked onion aioli drizzle
Herbed cream cheese and seasonal veggie pinwheels
Turkey & cream cheese pinwheels
Grilled pineapple and teriyaki chicken skewer
Chicken salad on crostini bite – Curry option available
Mini turkey cranberry cream cheese sliders
Herbed cream cheese cucumber shots
Mini fruit parfait cups
Veggie cups with ranch

Oyster shooters in cocktail sauce
Capicola & swiss pins on skewers with a Dijon dip

For the kiddos
Hot dogs
Sliders – veggie, pork, hamburger
Cucumber cream cheese sandwiches
Deli sandwiches - above choices in main
Peanut butter & jelly sandwich bites
Chicken tenders -  only with onsite kitchen
Pastry wrapped dogs
Corn dogs

Fruits & Sweets
Seasonal fruit platter
Seasonal fruit skewer platter – or display
Brownie/cookie platter
Assorted cupcakes
Assorted mini desserts – Examples can be cream puffs, mini eclairs, fudge brownie, cheesecakes, lemon squares or tarts, coffee cake, peanut butter squares, etc
Chocolate fountain display with fruit skewers
Apple crumb cakes
Caramel almond fudge bars
Lemon bars
Salted caramel brownies with pretzel crust

Brunch items
Bacon & Cheese quiche – Also ham or veggie
Monte cristo style toast
Classic French toast – full or strips
Country hash brown casserole
Cream cheese crepe served with fresh seasonal fruit and seasalt caramel drizzle
Bacon, egg & cheese bagel bites – Also ham or veggie
Classic pancakes or silver dollar cakes
Bacon, cheese & avocado egg wraps – Also ham or veggie
Build your own omelet station
Country scramble
Breakfast sandwiches – sausage, bacon or ham
Egg and cheese stuffed bell peppers
Ham, egg & cheese roll ups
Breakfast stuffed French rolls
Cheesy ham breakfast bake
Pancake breakfast sliders
Breakfast in a puff pastry rope
Biscuits in gravy
Fried chicken monti cristo style sliders
Cinnamon apple rolls
Assorted scones
Breakfast cups – Puff pasty cups filled with eggs, cheese and meat
Assorted muffins
Chicken and waffle sliders
Build your own oatmeal bar
Butterscotch sticky buns
Cheesy tomato & broccoli strata
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