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Who are we?

Hi, I am Chef Dani Rowley. I have been cooking for the masses from as far back as I can remember. From the over 100 guests at a family thanksgiving to a small intimate gathering of close friends, it didn't matter the size, I was cooking and I was learning from everyone around me! Grandma’s pecan pie, my cousin’s delicious stuffed mushrooms, my mom’s macaroni salad, my aunt’s casseroles, all the way up to my mother in law's red sauce, which is pretty epic, all were my basis to knowing and loving food.

Austin and I both knew we wanted to be Chefs from the time we could peek over the side of the kitchen counter. I started out as a  line cook when I was in my early twenties, worked my way through college finding my way in and out of the culinary field, law enforcement, business management, veterinary and finally back to what I love most, being in the kitchen, and with that, I stayed in the field and started numerous catering programs and ran multiple kitchens through the years. Most recently, before we decided to venture out on our own, I was a sous Chef at a multi-million dollar restaurant.

My husband Austin, is a brilliant Executive Chef with over 20 years’ experience in the culinary world and a Magna Cum Laude graduate from culinary school. He has been a Chef from small to large multi-million dollar restaurants, this man knows his way around a kitchen. We first met when I was just starting in a new kitchen, he was my Execution Sous Chef (I was a little kitchen manager minion at the time, so, ya, he was my boss) and as soon as I saw him on the expo side of the line, that was it, I knew I was looking at the love of my life and soon he realized he was looking at his, with a little nudging from me of course. Austin's wealth of knowledge in the fine dining world amazes me each and every day and he has an abundance of knowledge to give to others, constantly teaching anyone that wants to learn. He really does impress me (and everyone else) on a daily basis.

Why did we venture out?

Well, Austin and I had worked together for the same company for almost 2 years, we had worked several catering events but nothing too "shoulder to shoulder". I had been doing catering on the side for the better part of a decade already, but Austin hadn't seen me in action, all we both knew was we loved working together and work so incredibly well together. Then, we catered a friend’s wedding, just the two of us and when we were done, Austin told me this is what I really should be doing; That I amazed him and was so calm, cool, collected and knew exactly what the guests and client wanted, knew how to work the room, knew exactly when to do what, how to do it and that he saw something in me he hadn't seen before. He has seen me in the kitchen plenty, but not like this. And I had seen him be the best business partner that day, so on top of it, ready for anything and I too knew this is what we should be doing. It was an amazing, eye opening experience working like that with each other, there is a certain ebb and flow Austin and I have when we work together, it’s a sight to see. That was it, with his support, we decided together that we were going to venture out, get this ball rolling and Bear Country Catering LLC was born. 

Our goal is to give you the best catered event you could ask for, something that not only meets but exceeded your expectations. Food that your guests talk about for years to come, food that everyone remembers, making your event unforgettable.

We offer the comfort and trust that we can take care of all of the food and you have to worry about nothing, that we will always take care of you and ensure you have the very best event.

Our community goal is to offer jobs to quality people wanting a future in the culinary world, to teach, guide and mold those wanting to learn, to give to others anytime and every time we can and to provide our community with as much support as possible.

Our goal, is to see you smile, knowing that we made your event amazing.

Why choose Bear Country Catering LLC over the others?

Quality: Your food is carefully prepared by professional Chefs and staff and we only use high quality products. We treat each event as if it is our most important one yet.

Affordability: Austin and I have worked most of our lives developing key relationships in the culinary world with vendors, suppliers and gaining the knowledge to wisely use those resources and products; which is why we can offer a more affordable yet high quality product to you. Want the high quality expensive look at the more affordable rate? It’s what we do.

Sustainability: We strive to source local and small business products to support our community.

Customization:  We are not a cookie cutter so we offer no packages. How we structure our proposals is by meeting you, getting to know you, you answer our questionnaire and we will build you customized menu options, as ideas, then we will sit and go over each item and make adjustments as we go, we do not give you a standardized prebuilt menu plan, the options are endless. We are not cookie cutter, each event is different and should be treated with the respect it deserves.

Out of the box: Most caterers will not go outside of their comfort zone. We will, and we love it. If we haven't done it before and you have a great new idea, we want to help you accomplish it!

Pricing and payment flexibility: We offer affordable pricing and payment flexibility that are unlike any other catering company. We offer a small down payment and flexible payment options over time and even offer a financing option if you cannot fulfill the full amount prior to the event date. We do not want finances to be a reason you do not have the very best for your event, we will work with you.

Services: We offer many services such as personal Chef Services as well as food service business consultation. Please contact us for more details on these options, or visit our services page.