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Custom catering just for you!
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Bear Country Catering is all about you. We are not your standard "package" provider. We do not offer blanket packages, we customize your menu to what fits you. We work with YOUR budget, not the other way around. We work with what you can afford and design a custom menu just for you.

Our goal is to give you a memorable culinary experience at an affordable rate. We want your event to be an amazing one.

Please take a moment to go through our page and learn about us and what we can do.

We offer a variety of services, not just event catering!

Bear Country Catering supports local and small business!

We always source for local/small business products before anything else.
We believe in sustanability, community outreach and supporting fellow small business owners and farmers.

Customer Testimonials

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  "I never imagined my dream wedding like a lot of girls do. I always figured a wedding would be between the bride and the groom and never thought much about feeding guests or even having a beautiful dress. But, in January of 2016 I set the date to finally walk down the aisle. I had six months to plan the day's events. It seemed more than daunting to plan everything. 

  As a woman pushing 40 with a full time career and a child to raise, having the "perfect wedding" was definitely not a priority to me. Also, with finances being an issue, i certainly was counting my pennies and not expecting anything fancy at all when I added everything up. 

  A few months before the wedding I reached out to Danielle and Austin, knowing they were chefs and had recently been married themselves, to get a few money savings tips and maybe some free advice on how I could feed about 100 people on a tight budget. I was going to attempt a potluck wedding. That first phone call with Danielle changed everything. 

  I let her know my situation and I laid it all out for her. Bottom line, I wanted a no frills- "just feed the people" wedding reception! By the end of that fateful phone call, Danielle offered me peace of mind in my menu choices, awesome tips on what foods go well with others and what doesn't and she even provided me surprising comfort with a particularwedding ceremony detail that I had been worried about. Her advice on a personal level and a professional level relieved me so much. At that point I realized I NEEDED to hire her officially and not just skim her knowledge for free advice! Ha! 

  Shortly after I officially hired her, she provided a beautiful wedding menu just for me that expressed the casual feeling I wanted but added TONS of class! She met with me briefly before the wedding to go over a few more details. Even during that brief meeting I was left at ease knowing she fully understood my plans and trusted her completely. I wasn't worried a bit. 

  A week before the wedding, the unthinkable happened. My outdoor picnic wedding had to be cancelled due to rain. Danielle and Austin were quick to make all appropriate adjustments and eased my mind about the sudden change of plans as well. 

  On my wedding day, I was so happy to walk into the kitchen that morning and see her and Austin's smiling faces. They both seemed SO cool and relaxed. Neither one of them had that "hurried" chef look. They created an amazing spread with such elegant details that really surprised me! Cucumber-melon water, anyone? Healthy and savory quinoa pasta? Sheesh! What a TREAT! When it was time for the champagne toast, Danielle brought my glass to me with such a gracious and refreshed smile that I didn't even notice that she had been hustling as she helped serve the rest of my guests their drinks. Just pure professionalism and talent.

  Danielle and Austin have a unique talent of helping their client clarify their menu ideas and bring them into fruition. They took a scary and possibly pathetic wedding day and turned it into a memorable and elegant experience. Thank you guys! We will ALWAYS hire you and would be happy to recommend your incredible gifts to all of our friends and family. "

-Christie Dalberg, Oregon City, Oregon
"The bacon and blue cheese potato salad and the avocado bacon deviled eggs are delicious! Give them a try!'
-Nikki mangrum, Portland, Oregon

   "Losing a parent is not an easy thing and I could barely function to make any of the arrangements, so when I called Danielle about catering my Dad's celebration of life, I thought I would have to pick a bunch of food, figure out what to serve, for people to drink, I was overwhelmed. But she was absolutely amazing. She saw I could not do this and talked to me like a person, so gentle and caring and basically took all of the responsiblity out of my hands. She offered to make a menu based on our talk and it was spectaular. I don't think I even looked at it at the beginning to be honest, but when I walked into the hall at Dad's service, I was absolutely amazed at what she had done.

   Everyone had a wonderful time given the circumstances and everyone had something else to focus and talk about. I ended up using her again for my sons graduation party and the boy loved the finger foods and ball cap cake she brought. I just can't express what a great experience it was to just throw up my hands, trust someone else to do this and then they actually deliver on their promises, it was awesome. Thank you for dealing with me Danielle and for everything you did."

-Corrine DeWalt, Sandy, Oregon
"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for being so gracious at my brothers service yesterday. You really were an angel and the food was beautiful, you went way above expectation and you stayed way longer than you should have just to be there for us. I just wanted to say thank you"

- Elaine, Sandy, Oregon
Danielle at Bear Country Catering did amazing!! We are so incredibly happy. We were really stressed out because we waited until the last minute to get a caterer, I thought I could do it by myself, but I couldn’t, it was too much and I was freaking out. I found them online, contacted her and she was absolutely amazing, I don’t know what I could have done without them. She worked with us on the payment, I hadn’t planned this to be in the budget originally, but she worked it out and we were able to do it. She asked me a few questions and then just took over, I was so overwhelmed, but she did everything exactly the way I wanted it, it was awesome. I was a pain in the beginning, I know I was, I’m sorry, because I wanted to have control, but I finally let go and let her take the wheel and I am so grateful I trusted her because it turned out exactly like I wanted. The food was so unique and delicious, everyone was talking about it. I will definitely use them again for future events, thank you so much for everything you did for us!!
                                                                                                                                                                              - Tristen Spencer, Camas, Washington

We booked Bear Country Catering for our wedding and we were so so happy with them. Danielle was incredible to work with and went above and beyond in every way. We ended up cancelling our rehearsal dinner venue at a restaurant and booked them to cater that as well! They will work closely with you in figuring out budget, menu items, any other event items you may need to rent, they are very responsive and truly care about their customers. Highly recommend and will continue to refer in the future! Thank you so much Danielle!!

- Morgan Roskam, Woodland, Washington

All we gave Danielle was our budget and a request for a mix of two regional foods, and she produced a menu that was a true crowd pleaser. She was communicative, accommodating, and full of great ideas. Thanks to her professionalism and planning, our wedding went off without a single hiccup, and we are thankful. We didn't have to worry about a thing. Thank you! (P.S. And thank you for supporting the LGBT community with a discount! Amazing!)
                                                                - Adam and Karlo, Portland, Oregon

We had Bear Country Catering do our Wedding. The food was great, exactly what we asked for. We got to put together our own menu. And most importantly to me, as I was planning most of the details leading up to it, was that the communication from the caterer was very quick and always answered my many questions. Everyone enjoyed the food very much.

- Kaela Obrien, Cathlamet, Washington

Danielle is amazing. She came up with a few menu options that worked in my budget. The food was absolutely fabulous and all my guests were commenting on how flavorful it was. The staff was super attentive. Would recommend bear country catering to anyone needing to have an event catered.

                                            -Amber Witbeck, Vancouver, Washington

Danielle and her gal were so great! Danielle was very helpful and responsive during the planning. The day of...they were pleasant and on time with service. The food was delicious and all of my guests loved it! I didn't have a kitchen at my venue so everything had to be prepared off site and brought in and Danielle helped me pick the best foods that would transport well. I would definitely use Bear Country Catering again!

- Tanya Jennings, Longview, Washington

Danielle did a great job catering for us, she has a great personality, very accommodating to our requests; she was punctual, the food on the table look very nice, the quality of the food was very good as well. We heard very good comments from the people attending the meeting.  We would recommend Bear Country Catering for you catering needs! You won't regret it.

                                                     - Monica Cannon, Saint Helens, Oregon

We absolutely love and recommend Bear Country Catering! For our outdoor wedding last July, the caterer we thought we'd use didn't work out, and we ended up having less than couple months to find another caterer. We also had a limited budget and specific ideas of the style we wanted. Danielle was so wonderful to work with, really a neat lady, the food was amazing and beautiful, and she worked within our budget. Our wedding was hosted on some property away from town, and Danielle located a certified kitchen in reasonable proximity, and had everything set up and amazing at just the right times. The hosts of our venue loved Bear Country too, felt safe having them in their home, and said they, too, will use them in the future. Very happy and satisfied -- and definitely, enthusiastically recommend! Our only complaint was that we were too busy to get to eat more of the deliciousness ourselves! Thank you Danielle and Bear Country Catering!

- Tiffany Lloyd, Jewell, Oregon

They catered my wedding and did a fantastic job! I told them what I wanted and what my budget was. They set up a couple different menus for me to choose from, and gave me plenty of options to pick and choose from to my likings! There was plenty of food and they packed up all leftovers for us. I would definitely recommend them for any catering needs! Everyone was very happy with the food!

                                                                 - Jamie Fry, Gresham, Oregon

They did awesome for our wedding! They worked so well with our vegetarian meal! Would most definitely use them again!

- Rachel MacDuffee, Canby, Oregon

Not your average caterer
Flexible payment structure
Professionally prepared food
Bear Country Catering offers you a wide variety of menu options. We do not offer packages, we meet with you, get an idea of your style, your wants and needs and we cater to every client individually.
  We offer several payment options. Have you ever wished you could have that dream wedding,
birthday or other event with full service catering but didn't think you could ever afford it? We work with you to make it possible.
Your event is important to us, and is prepared with the upmost respect
and appreciation by experienced professional Chefs.
Fresh & local produce
Our client's  satisfaction is of the upmost importance to us, so we treat every single event, no matter how big or small, as our most important event.

We offer a variety of services, not just catering, check out our services page!
We source out only the best local produce. We do not store produce more than a day, all produce is purchased the day of the event so our clients have the very best quality product!